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What We Stand For

Liberals stand for equality of opportunity.

Original: The Liberal Party of Canada believes that when individuals and families are given the opportunity to succeed, the economy grows and Canadians become stronger. That’s why equality of opportunity is a fundamental Liberal principle.

Suggested: Owning a home. Retiring in dignity. Feeding a family. Hard working Canadians build a strong and successful Canada. The Liberal Party believes the job of the government is to build an environment where Canadians have an equal chance to succeed.

Liberals stand for true fiscal responsibility.

Turning deficits into surplus. Growing our economy. Creating good jobs across the country. During difficult economic times, only the Liberal Party of Canada has a proven track record of competent, accountable and successful economic management.

Liberals stand for a clean environment.

Original: The Liberal Party of Canada believes in the inter-connectedness of environmental and energy concerns and solutions. And we are committed to building a clean energy economy.

Suggested: Clean air. Vibrant lakes. Green trees. These are the birthrights of Canadians. The Liberal Party believes that clean energy protects these birthrights and energizes the economy.

Liberals stand for affordable access to post-secondary education.

Original: The Liberal Party of Canada believes firmly that all Canadians deserve affordable access to education.

Suggested: Education is an investment, not an expense. The Liberal Party knows it is vital to Canada to invest in Canadians.

Liberals stand for sustainable universal public health care.

Original: Liberals believe strongly that all Canadians deserve the same level of high quality and timely health care provided by an efficient, accountable, and sustainable public health system.

Suggested: Universal health care is both a right and a boon to the economy. The Liberal Party believes that all Canadians have a right to high quality health care provided by and efficient, sustainable system. Moreover, our universal health care system is an economic advantage, a benefit for business and workers both.

Liberals stand for open, fair, and strong democratic representation.

The Liberal Party of Canada believes that Parliament should belong to the people instead of the Prime Minister. Liberals are committed to exploring Parliamentary and Electoral reform in order to realign our institutions with democratic principles and to ensure more meaningful and effective representation.

Liberals stand for an evidence-based crime policy.

The Liberal Party of Canada believes in a smart on crime approach, targeting real criminals instead of our youth, to keep our communities safe. Liberals understand the need to consider ending the prohibition of marijuana and addressing the root causes of crime to see real results.